Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free "LIVE IN BROOKLYN" bootleg MP3 album and etc, etc, etc.

 I got a sweet bootleg of the Boo Hoos last show in Brooklyn, NY in the mail the other day.  I am now offering the bootleg as a free download on my otherwise useless Reverb Nation page...
Check it out and also take a look at the record shop at the "Buy Records!" link above.  

Free! SLW & The Boo Hoos "Live In Brooklyn" bootleg album available below.  Show was at Bruar Falls on 10/15/10 w/ Joe Jack Talcum, R. Stevie Moore and Toys & Tiny Instruments.

2.Fine Was The Night
3.When It's Gone It's Gone
4.Taking Away The Pop
5.Do The Pinewood Box
6.May I Lead U Astray
7.Haunt U
8.Will Be Heaven
9.This Edison Nightmare
10.Funeral For Coach!/artist/artist_songs/1054483

Here below is a video of Joe Jack Talcum & The Powders playing the Dead Milkmen classic "Life Is Shit" from the same show.  I am the organ player in this band.

In other news...

-On Sat. Dec. 11th I will be playing a free show at the punk craft fair "What a Load Of Craft VII" w/ Will Whitmore and Leslie & The Ly's at the Johnson Co. Fairgrounds (I play at 4:45PM)

-Just approved the master for the Joe Jack Talcum/ SLW & The Boo Hoos split/collaboration album.  LP will be out in 2011.  I will keep you all updated.

-I will be recording a new collaboration album with Darren Brown & Manhorse next weekend.

-Been rehearsing the new Miracles Of God material.  Future plans undetermined.

-Working diligently on my follow up to "Barely Regal Beagles".  10 new songs on tape.

-Big thanks to all the free form radio stations that have been playing my records lately!  Too cool!  I really appreciate it!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Show announcement:
Fri. Nov. 12th 2010 
at The Blue Moose Taphouse
Iowa City, IA  

SLW & The Boo Hoos
The Mumford's
Sarah Mannix & The Wandering Bears
Bear Country

7" available now on the "BUY RECORDS" link above.

Also, just finished song for new Unread Records compilation, "Songs From A Door", which is a collection of songs recorded exclusively with oneself and a door.

Shows through the winter will be super random.  Writing, recording and generally not driving through terrible Midwest blizzards will be my priority.