Saturday, January 28, 2012

New COP BAR release on Grindcore Karaoke!

My new band Cop Bar has a new split EP with legendary Iowa grind band Captain Three Leg  on the great digital label,  Grindcore Karaoke.  6 songs a piece by each group as well as artwork by Meatbag, narration by Joe Jack Talcum and a "collaboration" song to round it out.

Click here and download it for FREE.
Be sure to check out the other groups on the site because there is a lot of awesome stuff on there and it's all FREE.

There is a 3" CDR version that is being sold at shows.  For those of you that would prefer a physical copy I would gladly mail you one.   It is the exact same as the free version above.

$5 PPD

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New shows in 2012!

COP BAR shows!

Fri. Jan 20th @ House Of Bricks in Des Moines w/ Fetal Pig & Love Songs for Lonely Monsters
Sat. Jan 21st @ The Space in Ames w/ Human Satan, Longshadowmen & CMKT4
Fri. Feb 10th @ Gabe's in IC w/ Los Voltage, 100o Centipede, Mighty Accelerator, & Fetal Pig

We will be doing a Cop Bar / Manhorse tour in April.  Get a hold of me if interested in bringing it to you town.
nightmarejerk (at) yahoo (dot) com

No solo shows planned.  General discouragement at critical mass.

Expect market flood of new stuff soon or never.