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Kills On Guitar-2015
Monday Singles Club-2015
Best Of The Lame Years-2014
More Songs!-2014
Hot Garbage-2014
Too Dead To Die-2014
Girls Dancing Through Feathered Fields-2014
In Utero-2014
Live At The Pizza Palace Of Love-2013
Back From Heaven-The Lame Years Vol. 12-2013
Namedropper-The Lame Years Vol. 11-2013
C & W Funeral-The Lame Years Vol. 10-2013
Brownhouse-The Lame Years vol. 9-2013
Styxxx Henderson Presents: Satanic Sports Bloopers - The Lame Years Vol. 8 -2013
Diamond Dogshit - The Lame Years Vol. 7 -2013 
In Case You Have Doubt- The Lame Years Vol. 6 - 2013
Garbage For Dinner - The Lame Years Vol. 5 - 2013  (w/ Garbage Boys)
Heroin Music For Girls-The Lame Years Vol. 4 - 2013
Major Surgery At Discount Rates- The Lame Years Vol. 3 - 2013
Panther Puss-The Lame Years Vol. 2-2013
7AM New Year's Day- The Lame Years Vol. 1-2013
Double Nightmare-2012
Just Add Tears (Split 12" with Joe Jack Talcum)-2011
Split 7" with Toby Goodshank -2011
(...& The Boo Hoos) Split 7" w/ the Mumfords- 2010 
Barely Regal Begals -2010
Where The Sick Go To Die- 2009
From The Privilege Of The Grave-2009 (+ Darren Brown)
We All Love Candy -2009 (VS. Manhorse)
Sacrilege, Treason, Treachery & Thyme-2008
Golden Favorites: Where Sobriety Is King-2008
Today Is The Tomorrow You Where Worried About Yesterday-2005
Boombox By Bedside-2005
Old Stuff-1997-03
Suicide Songs (unreleased) -2003
I Think I'm A Ghost (ep)-2003
Harness The Power Of Lightning (ep)-2002

Smashed 40-Slummer Jams -2013 (Kokomo -Beach Boys cover)
Songs From The Sulking Shed -2012 (Easy Street -Jason Hennesy cover))
Iowa City Song Project-2012 (Death Buggy- House Of Large Sizes cover)
Now You Are 50-2012(Rick Don't Lose Your Smile-Joe Jack Talcum cover)
Songs From A Door-2011 (Spinning Wicked Records)
Hey, Pretty World-R Stevie Moore Tribute Vol. 3-2010 (Oh Pat - R Stevie Moore cover)
I Think I Might Be Autistic-2010 (REAL hard)
Rot Box-2009 (He's A Creepy Preacher)

The Great American Cattle Barons:
Lavish Lies Of The Holy Corpse-2014
Miracles Of God:
O What A Wonderful Day-2009
No Refunds-2007
4th Of July-2006 (split tape w/ Ed Gray)
II (ep)-2006
Sad Times For High Hopes-2005
...from the depths of hell-2004

Tropical Beasts-2014
No Justice Just Law-2011
C3LVSCB-split 3" CD-r w/ Capt 3 Leg

Kickass Tarantulas
split 7" w/ Breakdance (ep)-2006
Nobody Knows All The Bad Shit I Done-2004

Trophy Beau:
Comb Over And Donuts (ep)-2003

you ARE special (ep)-2001

Yellow 5: (from highschool...there were a lot of bands with this name)

Out now: 
"SLW-THE LAME YEARS" (2013) Ongoing 12 volume album released monthly through 2013. 
"SLW-Major Surgery At Discount Rates-The Lame Years Vol. 3" (2013) Big psych guitar pop album.  #3 of 12.

"SLW-Panther Puss-The Lame Years Vol. 2" (2013) Album of heavy negative folk music.  #2 in a series of 12.

"SLW-7AM New Year's Day-The Lame Years Vol. 1" (2013) Vol. 1 of the 12 part Lame Years series. A new album every month for a whole year.  The 1st installment focuses on Top 40 style club music.  Released January 1st at 7AM the worst (or maybe best) possible time to listen to a club album.  Features appearances by Joe Jack Talcum, R Stevie Moore, Grace Locke Ward, Dr. Don and Proffesor Pooch.   


"SLW-Double Nightmare" (2012)  40 songs, spanning nearly 2 hours spread over 2 CD's.  With SLW recording nearly every instrument himself on this expansive album; 2XNGHTMR took two years to record.    GLW makes an appearance on "Lead Us Through Darkness...".


"COP BAR VS. CAPT 3 LEG-C3LVSCB" (2012) Split EP between Cop Bar and long running Iowa grind band Captain 3 Leg.  Released digitally on Grindcore Karaoke and on ultra limited pressing on 3" CDr.


"COP BAR-No Justice Just Law" (2011)  First release by Cop Bar.  20 grind metal songs with SLW on vocals, Brando Gassman (Kita) on gtr & Andy Sinclair (KT's) on drums.  This exists!  Out now on tape!    

"SLW & The Boo Hoos/ Joe Jack Talcum & The Powders-Just Add Tears" (2011)  Split 12" with the legendary Joe Jack Talcum (of the Dead Milkmen).   Members of Boo Hoos back Joe up on his side.  Joe plays some stuff on the Boo Hoos side.  Out now on Grotto Records.

"SLW/ Toby Goodshank-split 7"(2011) Split EP with the great Toby Goodshank, of Moldy Peaches fame.  3 songs from each artist.  SLW side features Skye Carrasco on Violin, Ross Meyer on drums and Pete Balestrieri (Violent Femmes) on saxaphone.  Co-release  by Slumber Party and Cthonic Records.

"SLW & The Boo Hoos/ Mumfords -Split 7" (2010) 3 new punk pop chestnuts with the amazing Boo Hoos recorded by Iowa rock legend Dave Deibler of House Of Large Sizes. Mumford's side features their epic 6 and a half minute serial killer fable, "The Way That I Live".  7" vinyl record comes with free digital download card.

R. Stevie Moore Tribute Vol. 3-Hey, Pretty World" (2010) Comp on Sick Of The Radio. Ongoing tribute album box set of covers of the legendary home taper, R. Stevie Moore. Comp includes Jad Fair, Looo, Krys & The Mum's, SLW and many, MANY others.

"SLW-Barely Regal Beagles" (2010) Seventeen new tracks of solid lo-fi gold on CD with full color cover. SLW plays most everything on this one with a little help from Grace Locke Ward, Bob Bucko JR and some other surprise guests. Fans of the BIG punk pop sound rejoice. Features recent live faves: Taking Away The Pop, Funeral For Coach, This Pooch Shall Fly and oh so much more.

"I Think I Might Be Autistic" COMP Tape on Cthonic Records. Features tracks from Ramon Speed, Ed Gray, Lonnie Eugene Methe & many others. The ONLY place you can get the SLW song "REAL hard".

"ROT BOX COMP"-Unread Records 100th release! Features songs by Simon Joyner, Ed Gray, Charlie McCallister and many many more. The only place to get SLW track "HE'S A CREEPY PREACHER".

"SLW-WHERE THE SICK GO TO DIE-NONSTOP RAWK + RAWL JUKEBOX VOL.17" (2009) 18 new songs including "Do It Wrong", "Lippy" & "Making Lemonade". Most instruments by SLW w. guest appearance by Grace LW. Cassette out NOW on Unread.

"SLW & DARREN BROWN-FROM THE PRIVILEGE OF THE GRAVE" (2009) Collaborative effort between SLW & DB (Boy Dirt Car/ TEXXAR). Noise folk album. Recorded winter 08 during blizzard in Minneapolis. Feat. Bob Bucko Jr. (Old Panther), Josh Mead (Manhorse), Rick McCollum (Afghan Whigs), & Chris Ford (Petit Mal). Out NOW on LP from Grotto and Mission Freak.

"SLW VS. MANHORSE 3 THE MEATBAG-VOL. 1 WE ALL LOVE CANDY" (2009) Three new studio tracks, drunken phone messages from Manhorse, plus a live set from Dubuque, IA. Feat. Grace Locke Ward on drums. 

"SLW-SACRILEGE, TREASON, TREACHERY & THYME" (2008) the sixth solo album by Samuel Locke Ward. 18 originals in 49 minutes. Started off as a gospel album, ended up as something else. Possibly a loose concept album. Police state party anthems. Recorded on Tascam 4 track with a radio shack mic. If it had a cable it got plugged straight in. Kent Williams mastered the whole thing. Handmade covers. DIY all the way, baby. +++A bunch of really awesome people make appearances including Ross Meyer (Kickass Tarantulas), Pete Balestrieri (Violent Femmes), Ed Gray, Kate Kane (Lipstick Homicide), Will Whitmore, Grace Locke Ward (Petit Mal), Sam Knutson (Shame Train), Rachel Feldmann (Lipstick Homicide), Jim Durocher (Twelve Cannons), Bob Bucko Jr. (Old Panther) 

"SLW-GOLDEN FAVORITES: WHERE SOBRIETY IS KING" (2008) One man band country/garage album from SLW playing guitar and drums simultaneously (a-la Hasil Adkins). Recorded by the great Ed Gray on a 4 track. Pete Balestrieri plays sax does the backups. 10 songs. 

"MIRACLES OF GOD-WONDERFUL DAY" (2007) New full length by MOG. Recorded in Omaha by Alex McManus (Bruces, Lambchop). Psych folk masterpiece OUT NOW LP in 2009 on Public School Records.

"MIRACLES OF GOD-NO REFUNDS" (2007) All odds and ends from Clayton Schuneman years of MOG. Feat. out of print songs from split cassette. Plus live songs that weren't recorded in a studio but gathered here for posterity.

"MIRACLES OF GOD/ ED GRAY" (2007) Extra rare split cassette. MOG side featuring 7 songs recorded on the 4th of July by Andy Caffrey of The Horrors. Distort-o to the max. Ed Gray side features unused tracks from Fresh Coat On The Powder Keg and Fall song.

"KICKASS TARANTULAS/ BREAKDANCE split 7" " (2006) K.T.'s split 7" with classic Iowa City grind metal band Breakdance (now defunct). K.T. side recorded to 4 track by SLW. K.T.'s veer into free jazz.

"MIRACLES OF GOD-II" (2006) Infamous 7" featuring Rape City and three other songs. Recorded to reel to reel by Bronson Karaff. Big guitar pop.

"SLW-TODAY IS THE TOMORROW YOU WHERE WORRIED ABOUT YESTERDAY" 30 songs in thirty minutes. Recorded immediately after completion of Boombox. Goal was to make 30 30 second songs (which would have been only 15 minutes). Of course it ran long. Features many guests: Andy Sinclair, Ed Gray, Grace Locke Ward, Ross Meyer, Luthor The Geek, Pete Balstrieri, Susan Junis, Tim Krein, & Noah Koester. Sounds like morphine and beer.

"SLW-BOOMBOX BY BEDSIDE" (2005) ultra lo-fi offering after a severe car wreck and months spent bed ridden. Album title says it all. Nylon string gtr/ kleenex box drums/ chord organ feat. duets with Grace Locke Ward. 16 songs with no overdubs. Cassette out on UNREAD.

"MIRACLES OF GOD-SAD TIMES FOR HIGH HOPES" (2004-05) Best of the loud stuff. 12 songs recorded to digital 8 track. Recently digitally remixed and remastered by Tucker Burns. Only recording with world beating 5 piece line up with Ed Gray playing trombone, percussion, back up vocals and keyboard. 

"KICKASS TARANTULAS-NOBODY KNOWS ALL THE BAD SHIT THAT I DONE" (2004) Only full length release by infamous country punk terrors K.T.'s. 12 songs recorded by Clayton Schuneman on 4 track. Luthor The Geek-vocals, SLW-gtr, Ross Meyer-drums, Pete Balestrieri-sax. 

"MIRACLES OF GOD-...FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL" (2004) first album by Miracles Of God. Lo-fi punk meets over dub pop recorded to 4 track by bassist Clayton Schuneman. Mastered by John Svec. 12 songs. CD out on SUPER AMIGOS RECORDS.

"SLW-EARLY STUFF" all the best stuff from 1997-2003. Contains all the songs from the super hard to find first two SLW albums: Harness The Power Of Lightning and Suicide Songs+++other various tracks. 21 tracks. Recorded on many different lo-fi and hi-fi machines. Some recording by Bronson Karaff and John Svec. Featuring: Grace Locke Ward (Petit Mal), Ed Gray, Paul Clark (D.S.E.), The Bassturd, Coolzey, Jason Hennesy (Miracles Of God), Luthor The Geek (Possum Sac/ Kickass Tarantulas).

"SLW-Suicide Songs" (2003) Unfortunately the title turned out prophetic for this unreleased masterwork of depressing pop songs.  Partially recorded during the "Farm Session" w/ Bronson Karaff and by SLW on whatever machine he could get his hands on.  Features guest appearances by Grace Locke Ward, The Bassturd, Coolzey, Ed Gray, Jason Henessy & Luthor The Geek. 

"SLW-I Think I'm A Ghost E.P.)" (2003) Five acoustic songs home recorded in Sam's bedroom at the trailer park he was living in at the time. 

"SLW-Harness The Power Of Lightning E.P." (2002) Five song EP of orchestral song bursts.  All instruments and vocals by SLW.  Originally released on 3" CD w/ 200 copies made.  Expert master / cleanup job by John Svec.