Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh No No November!

-R.A.D. Vinyl reviews the split with Toby Goodshank HERE and likes it!
-Razorcake reviews "Just Add Tears" split 12" with Joe Jack Talcum HERE.
-Thanks to radio station Mittel Finger Kolleg in Aachen for playing "Fine Was The Night" HERE.  Listen to it HERE.  I assume they liked it but I have no idea what they are saying.
-Dusted took a giant shit on the split with Mumford's HERE.  Boo hoo!
-I got quoted in the October issue of SPIN talking about one of the times I saw Heroine Sheiks.  Spin found a way to finally put the internet on paper!
-Centipede Farm gives a favorable review to the Cop Bar tape HERE.
-Little Village Magazine calls Cop Bar "police brutality" in it's new issue found HERE and posted pics from our recent show HERE.
In Living Sin/ Thieves Marching In A Foreign Land/ You've Got An Enemy In Me

I Decided To Rebel Against Punk Rock So I Got A Job Selling Insurance At Geico/ You Play A Cage Kit/ Screaming Severed Head

Thx to Adrianne Behning for taping!

This just in... new technology now allows you to now digitally LIKE things on Facebook HERE, HERE & HERE and to download music files to your computer HERE and HERE.