Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The new album is out now: NAMEDROPPER-The Lame Years Vol. 11!  It is available for streaming and download at my bandcamp page at this link here:

A different guitarist plays on every song (except the intro and outro). 
The guitarists are: Toby Goodshank, Ben Galey, Chuck Hoffman, Aaron Hefel, Dean Clean, Ryan Werner, Andy Koettel, R. Stevie Moore, Shane Hickey, Bob Bucko, Weird Paul Petroskey, Todd Bowser, Grace Locke Ward, Chris Ford, Dandrew Stevens, Kylie Buddin, Joe Jack Talcum, Bob Fay, Joel Sires, Bryn Lov, Brian Cox, Ed Gray, Little Fyodor, Brando Gassman, Jon Hansen, R. Bennett & Matt Rebelskey.

Thanks to everybody who played on this record!

Also thank YOU for all the support!  October saw the most traffic to the albums and website yet. 
See you next month for the stunning conclusion.