Monday, March 9, 2015

Best Of The Lame Years, More MSC, More Tour Dates


New compilation release out now: The Best Of The Lame Years.  The Lame Years was a 12 album, 179 song, series released monthly throughout 2013.  This comp is the best of the best culled from well over 7 hours of original music. I am very proud of this release and I consider it to be the crown jewel of the catalog.  A great starting point for new listeners. BOTLY now available via my bandcamp page:


Every Monday a new digital 7" is released on my bandcamp page complete with a B-side.  This week (the 16th week) I put up Monday Singles Club v 16; Corporate Arms B/W Halted.  Corporate Arms is a collaboration with my friend John Hopkins.  Halted was recorded early in the morning after daylight savings time after a 24 hr shift at my job.  The solo performed on a random bottle that was lying around.  The previous weeks had a sitar song entitled "Oh Sister" and a grind banger called "Bowl Of Chili".



it's true. it's darn true.

Fri Apr 3rd-Trumpet Blossom in Iowa City, IA @
Thur April 30th-Busted Lift in Dubuque, IA %
Fri May 15-Oleavers in Omaha, NE #
Sat May 16th-Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS #
Sun May 17th-Gas Lamp in Des Moines, IA #
Mon May 18th-Octopus in Cedar Falls, IA #
Tue May 19th-Eagles Club #34 in Minneapolis, MN #
Wed May 20th-Frequency in Madison, WI #
Thur May 21st-Livewire in Chicago, IL #
Fri May 22nd-Firebird in St. Louis, MO #
Sat May 23rd-Trumpet Blossom in Iowa City, IA #

@ w/ Sir Richard Bishop
% w/ Bobby Bare Jr.
# w/ Joe Jack Talcum