Sunday, August 3, 2014

sick time record sale

From today until Friday I will be having a record sale on my bandcamp page.  All physical releases will be %25 off if you use the codeword "bugs".  I just added a bunch of titles previously unavailable online.  So check it out.  This will go on until this Friday the 7th.


Two sweet shows coming up.  Garbage boys will be opening both of these shows in Iowa City.
Thur Aug 28th at The Mill w/ Bob Log III
Sat Sept 27th at Gabes w/ il sogno del mariano (feat Mike Watt)

On thur afternoon at abouth 1pm my stomach began hurting while I was at work.  I finished my shift thinking I would just tough it out and assuming it must just be something I ate but by 5pm that evening I was in bed with terrible abdominal pain.  I went to the emergency room at about 7:30pm and by 1am I was in surgery having my appendex removed.  I was released at 10am the next morning and I have been sitting at home since just watching movies and trying not to move too much.
I am fine and I am eager to return to my daily life yet also trying to take care of myself to insure that I heal correctly.  So Iif you mail order from me this week I will try my best to send out some extra cool packages.

All the best,