Friday, March 1, 2013

New Album: Major Surgery At Discount Rates

It is Friday March 1st and I have MAJOR SURGERY AT DISCOUNT RATES, the third volume of The Lame Years, available for digital download and streaming at this link here:

I wrote and performed all the instruments on this record and recorded most of it at my home.  The 4 tracks I didn't record were recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios during the session for the Iowa City Song Project, in which 9 songs total were recorded and mixed in a 4 hr session. 
Major Surgery was Mastered, Edited  and Equalized by Jon Hansen (his 2nd in the series).  His work on this project has been absolutely invaluable, so a million thanks to him.


Also, available now, NO GOOD SAMARITAN by Douglas Kramer Nye.  This is an album by my friend Doug that I recorded over the last two years.  I played a bunch of the instruments on it but more importantly I did all the tape tricks.  You should check it out at the link below or the vinyl from the Italian label, Almost Halloween Time Records.


Thanks for reading.  Thanks for listening.  See you next month on April 1st for the release of VOL. 4: HEROIN MUSIC FOR GIRLS.