Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From The Privilege Of The Grave review

My recently released collaboration album with Darren Brown, "From The Privilege Of The Grave" just got reviewed by the great website 7 Inches Blog.

Full review can be found here:

You can pick up a copy of "FTPOTG" from REVOLVER at the Buy Records! link above.
Limited quantities.  Only 300 copies made.  Covers hand screened by Meatbag!


  1. I picked this up several weeks ago at The Record Collector in Iowa City, but I went on a long move to another state and have not unpacked this. It will be my first play when I get my record player set up. By the way, I loved the show at Public Space One last year. The energy was great.

  2. The record deserves any and all praise it receives!