Sunday, May 3, 2015


Monday Singles Club is done here is the full completed record.

I started putting up a "digital seven inch" every Monday starting last November, with the idea being that I would just continue to make the music that I want to make (which is what I have always done) and work toward making a new album and people could listen to it in real time as it was being made. The end result is this sprawling 2 hour, 38 song album. In addition to having a plentiful amount of agreeable pop songs it might have the most genre bending of any of my albums and is probably the hardest I have veered into straight up electronic music and psychedelia. As I was listening to it in it's entirety the other day it occurred to me that it might be the thoroughly crazy sounding record I have ever made. Thanks a bunch to  Bob Bucko Jr., Chuck Hoffman, Mark Shields, John Hopkins & Grace Locke Ward for playing on it. Thanks for listening to it, I hope you like it.


I contributed a song for the children's compilation album For Kids & By Kids.  It is a free album made for the local Iowa City community and put together by Kembrew McLeod & Lynne Nugent through the ICPL.

You can get it at the Iowa City Public Library site:

Heres a mention on Boing Boing:



Fri May 15-Oleavers in Omaha, NE
Sat May 16th-Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS 
Sun May 17th-Gas Lamp in Des Moines, IA
Mon May 18th-Octopus in Cedar Falls, IA 

Tue May 19th-Eagles Club #34 in Minneapolis, MN 
Wed May 20th-Frequency in Madison, WI
Thur May 21st-Livewire in Chicago, IL
Fri May 22nd-Firebird in St. Louis, MO
Sat May 23rd-Trumpet Blossom in Iowa City, IA

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